Strategy Two

Co-design and support a clinically integrated model of primary health care

Recognising the critical role well supported general practice plays at the heart of a comprehensive primary health care system is essential in enabling better coordination and a system of care that is easier to navigate for the local community.

Strategic Goals:

Tailor the Western Queensland primary health care model to local needs and circumstances.

Implement and evaluate the model in selected proof of concept sites, and then move to rollout at pace and scale.

Support the GP workforce to better meet both primary care and acute hospital needs.

Organise primary health care services to ensure a critical mass of workforce in larger towns that also support surrounding remote communities.

Implement the key components of integrated primary health care, including:

  • Risk stratification
  • Joint health planning and commissioning
  • New funding models
  • Scheduled care initiated by the GP, and documented in a care plan
  • Linking primary health care effectively with specialist services
  • Shared health records, patient registers and care plans
  • Innovating workforce
  • Culturally informed practice
  • Model of Care development