Strategy Five

 Implement strategies to improve maternal and child health and wellbeing

The strengths and weaknesses of the primary care responses to Maternal and Child Health services across Western Queensland highlight the urgency for greater coordination, shared health intelligence and innovation of efforts to ensure families and children are well supported during their first two thousand days.

Strategic Goals:

Develop a region-wide and whole of system plan for maternal and child health and well-being that focuses on getting the best start to life, in partnership with the HHSs and QAIHC.

Focus from pregnancy to school entry.

Key components of the plan will include:

  • Antenatal care, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol use, breast feeding, nutrition, immunisation, and early child development
  • Improved care and support
  • Earlier detection and intervention
  • Scheduled care initiated by the GP, and documented in a care plan
  • Linking primary health care effectively with specialist services
  • Shared health records, patient registers and care plans
  • Culturally informed practice
  • Improved linkages with social care
  • Improved measurement and support for childhood development and learning