Funding Programs

About Our Funding Programs

WQPHN, along with all PHNs are funded by the Commonwealth Government to respond directly to national priorities. These priorities are established within long standing health and system improvement domains that guide national policy setting, and agreements with the State Governments. Our contracts are therefore guided by national policy and predominantly target areas viewed as being a national priority.

As commissioners PHNs are then expected to "understand the health care needs of their communities through analysis and annual planning" and procure services from local providers through a regional commissioning approach. Both the organisation and its contracts represent a deliberate investment to consolidate the Governments effort and better integrate across the primary health care service delivery paradigm.

  • Mental health 
  • Management of chronic disease 
  • After Hours Primary Health Care
  • Addictions 
  • Child and maternal health 
  • Health intelligence
  • Aboriginal health 
  • Aged Care 
  • Provider capability development

This list is not exhaustive and over time, it is expected that Government will drive new health initiatives to the Australian community through PHNs.